New paper "Societal Impact at the Nexus of Community and Entrepreneurship--Taking Stock and Looking Ahead" chosen as a best paper for ENT at the Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, co-authored with Sophie Bacq and Tom Lumpkin.

Request access to the full chapter on ResearchGate to learn more about how societal impact is generated by entrepreneurial efforts for, in, with, through, and by communities of place, identity, interest, and/or practice, and how this yields implications for research on entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, cross-sector collaborations, and community-based entrepreneurship.

Our new framework for evaluating the non-financial performance of start-ups "ROSE", developed collectively with START Global is finally available for everyone to try!

The goal of this project is to redefine the notion of success in the start-up world by developing and widely establishing a new measurement framework that is tailor-made to the needs of start-ups and VCs, and allows entrepreneurs to understand and improve their sustainability performance and VCs to integrate sustainability into their investment decisions. Click here to get to the website and try it yourself.

New book chapter on "Social Performance and Social Impact in the Context of Social Enterprises—A Holistic Perspective" accepted for publication in the Handbook of Social Innovation and Social Enterprise, edited by Vaccaro, A. & Ramus, T., co-authored with Sophie Bacq and Tom Lumpkin.

Get access to the full chapter on ResearchGate to learn more about our differentiation between social impact, social responsibility, and—as an aggregate concept—social performance, and about civic wealth as a promising dependent variable for measuring the performance of social enterprises.

New article "It Takes a Village to Sustain a Village--A Social Identity Perspective on Successful Community-Based Enterprise Creation" published in Academy of Management Discoveries, co-authored with Sophie Bacq and Frank-Martin Belz.

Get access to the full article or click on the model on the right to watch an animation explaining how local communities can tackle their most pressing problems by joining forces to collectively establish entrepreneurial ventures.

Research Award for Social Market Economy of the "Roman Herzog Institut" (2. Platz) for my dissertation on "Community Based-Entrepreneurhship--Toward a Legitimate Research Domain.

The "Roman Herzog Forschungspreis für Soziale Marktwirtschaft" is among the most highly remunerated awards in the field of economics. Click on the image on the right to watch a short video summarizing my research, and on how it advances the idea of the social market economy in modern times.