Research at the Intersection of 
Sustainability, Entrepreneurship and Collective Action.

Entrepreneurship holds great potential for addressing local problems and grand societal challenges. When problems are highly complex, multifaceted and interrelated, tackling them requires collective efforts by different actors at multiple levels. It is when people assume responsibility and work together that they can overcome barriers and bring about real change.
 With my research, I aim to generate knowledge that helps to harness this potential, and inspire people to use the power of collective action to develop entrepreneurial solutions that contribute to a more sustainable future.

Current Research Projects

Community-Based Entrepreneurship

I have several past and ongoing research projects on community-based entrepreneurship, that is, the process in which  members of a community collectively identify, develop and exploit opportunities to establish entrepreneurial ventures with the aim to solve a problem and generate added value for the community and society at large. 

Entrepreneurship, Societal Impact and Communities

My recent research explores how societal impact is generated by entrepreneurial efforts for, in, with, through, and by communities of place, identity, interest, and/or practice, and which roles communities can assume at the intersection of societal impact and 

Multi-Level Identity Dynamics & their Effects on Tackling Grand Societal Challenges

Identity--the essence of "Who am I" or "Who are we?"--steers both our perceptions and actions. As solving the grand challenges of our time greatly depends on how we perceive the problems, and whether and how we choose to act, identity offers a useful theoretical lens to explain why and how people develop and implement solutions. I study identity-dynamics across levels (e.g. individual, organization, community).

Sustainability Performance and Impact Measurement

In close collaboration with START Global and a growing group of VC firms, we are working on developing and establishing a new framework tailored to nascent entrepreneurial ventures that allows entrepreneurs to assess their non-financial performance, and VCs to integrate these dimensions into their decision-making. The emerging database provides a unique opportunity to study the dynamics between conventional and new, sustainability-related performance indicators over longer periods of time.