Years ago, it was a lecture during my Bachelor studies that piqued my interest in issues around sustainability and pushed my career in an entirely new direction. Now, it is me who aims to  not only provide my students with knowledge and tools, but also to inspire and help them craft a career that is meaningful to themselves and society.

I have taught the courses described below in different settings and tailored to different audiences, and I always strive to develop them further. I also constantly work on expanding my didactic methods to make the courses even more interactive, enjoyable and effective.

Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation

The main aim of this course is to give the students an understanding of what it means to become an entrepreneur and to teach them how to develop new ventures based on valuable opportunities. To this end, I combine theoretical underpinnings from the entrepreneurship literature with different cutting-edge business development toolboxes, and inspiring success stories and case studies. For instance, I
teach the tenets of Design Thinking, System Thinking, the Business Model and Value Proposition Canvases, the Lean Start-Up Methodology, and the Market Opportunity Navigator. I like to employ a practice-oriented teaching approach, allowing students to apply new insights directly to their own new venture projects.

Sustainable Entrepreneurship

My main motivation is to teach students to perceive sustainability challenges as entrepreneurial opportunities, and to develop business models that generate added value for society. With my background as a student and teacher at different technical universities, I particularly enjoy helping students envision how technology can be harnessed in a way that contributes to addressing our grand societal challenges. To complement the classic methods applied in new venture creation, I use tools from design thinking for sustainable development, systems thinking, a sustainability-oriented version of the business model canvas, and the theory of change.  

Introduction to Sustainability


Meaningful Career Planning


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Dr. Christina Hertel


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